My blog talk radio show will air EVERY Tuesday from 6:30pm-7pm at http://tobtr.com/s/2248927. (Note: October 4th show will be held Oct 5th from 6:30-7pm) (My 35th b-day is Oct 4th)

Every week I will showcase 1 SWFL musican/band, 1 SWFL comedian and up to 2 SWFL venues. I'll interview them and let you know what is going on and where.

The show line up is as follows:


September 13: Musicians-River Bottom Nightmare

                            Comedian-Damian Semon

                            Venue-SquareHead Naples

September 20: Musicians After the Fact 

                           Business- Musicians Consignment

September 26: Business- Musicians Consignment

                                               SWFL Spot Magazine

                            Venues- Freddie Rebels

                                           Diamond Billiards

                            Events: 239 Rock the Ink

                                           Next SWFL 3,2,1 Talent Show

October 5 Musicians-Tim McGreary

                      Comedian-Max Mosquito

                                           Jordan Owens

                      Venue: Freddie Rebels, Squarehead Naples

                       Events: 239 Rock the Ink

                                      Next SWFL 3,2,1 Talent Show


                       Musicians-Angel Scar

                       Comedian-Max Doyle

                        Venue-Freddie Rebels

October 18: Musicians- The Wholetones

                        Comedian-Travis Smith

                        Venue-Squarehead Naples

                         Business: 239 Spot Magazine

October 25th: Musician- Frankie Colt

                           Comedian- Tommy Amado

                            Business: Musicians Consignment




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